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Michael North


Michael's career began as an independent subcontractor for a local newspaper when he was 10 years old. He thought he was just delivering newspapers. Actually he was building a business foundation in customer service, product delivery, inventory management, collections and conflict resolution.


This humble beginning was the first step towards writing business software solutions.  Unknowingly at the time, each phase of his life has provided him with tools and experience that make him the business and software development expert that he has become.



Marine Corps FamilyHe was born into a Marine Corps family. His father was a WWII combat veteran who retired as a Master Sergeant. This influence has instilled a focus on Duty, Honor and Integrity.  These values are the core of his relationship with his clients.


Air Force VeteranHe studied aerospace engineering at Cal Poly in Pomona, CA and joined the U.S. Air Force in 1966.  He was granted positions of trust with the US Government and received his honorable discharge in 1970.  While serving in the USAF, he received an excellent electronics education and learned how to lead a team to achieve a common goal.


GTE-SylvaniaIn 1970, he joined GTE-Sylvania as a Senior Field Representative and spent several years installing and maintaining computer controlled systems for the US Government. He left GTE-Sylvania in 1978 as a Senior Training Instructor.


ESL, subsidiary of TRWHe joined ESL (formerly Electomagnetic Systems Laboratories) in Sunnvale, CA (a wholly owned subsidiary of TRW). He transitioned through Training Instructor to Training Department Manager and eventually achieved a position as Assistant Program Manager for Logistics Support. As such, he was responsible for provisioning, field engineering, technical manuals and technical training for large-scale, computer-controlled, special-purpose systems for various Government agencies.


As Assistant Program Manager, he was responsible for bidding, negotiating and implementing the Integrated Logistics Support elements of multi-million dollar contracts.  This part of his career required significant travel and close working relationships with his US Government counterparts.


It was during the development of bidding strategies and techniques that he first had a taste of software development.  Proposal generation was complex and very little time was available for performing the calculations that resulted in the cost of each Work Order Description.  Therefore, it was imperative that he learn to codify and develop estimating tools.


This was at a time when computer choices were either main frame, mini-computer or programmable calculator.  Main frame and mini-computer time was precious and expensive.  To economically expedite his bidding efforts, he began programming a TI-59 calculator. Over the next few years he moved into personal computers and found that he enjoyed developing business software more than he did his Government career.


RAMWrite Consulting


In 1990, he left his Government service career and started developing custom business software solutions full-time.  RAMWrite was born.  Actually, RAMWrite was to be a desktop publishing company but the introduction of MS-Word killed that market.


His first project was for a 33-branch check cashing company in CA.  Using RAMWrite software, each branch office balanced their sales and revenue to the penny every day and transmitted those values to the corporate office daily.  The corporate office balanced the network to the penny and performed strategic daily analysis of their business.  On the day the project was rolled out, a $2,000 embezzlement was discovered and the money was recovered.  This led to additions to the program to enhance security.


He sold RAMWrite to a major travel agency in 1996 and became the VP of Development for Apex Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Apex Travel.  He was the creator of, and later development manager for, an extensive corporate travel analysis program called ATIS (Advanced Travel Information System) that was used by Applied Materials, Cisco Systems, Credit Suisse First Boston, Viking Freight among other corporations.  This company was sold to iFAO of Frankfort, Germany in 2000.


In 2001, the travel software industry collapsed and he started RAMWrite Consulting.


At every stage of his career, he has been responsible for the absolute security of project data and other information. All client information entrusted to him is protected to the highest level.


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